“A champion is someone who gets up when he can't.” ~Jack Dempsey


Competition Prep

I am available for prejudging mandatory posing and routine choreography. I have 11 years of competitive experience and have competed at the national level for the past 8 years. I have worked with many competitors, male and female, who have moved quickly from the local level to a national level stage. Contact me to discuss your upcoming competition plans.

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Guest Posing

I am available for guest posing opportunities at your upcoming bodybuilding shows. I offer posing routines to electrify and excite the audience for your competitors. We all know that a pumped up crowd, brings out the best in competitors. My routines are new and unique, as I do my own choreography and have throughout my competitive career. My music is dynamic and my outfits compliment my ever improving physique. Please feel free to contact me with your upcoming guest posing opportunities.


I am available for competitor and training seminars during your events or at your gym. Draw on my 21+ years of training experience and 10 years of competitive experience to provide accurate and realistic training and contest prep presentations. Contact me with your seminar and presentation needs.

Product Appearances

I am available for product appearances and booth staffing at expos, tradeshows, and conventions. Please contact me with your needs.