The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible. ~ Arthur C. Clarke
Gerri's Links

I would be very happy to exchange links with appropriate sites. Feel free to email me your link request with the address of the links page where you have placed my banner. Don't forget to include your banner, and during our next scheduled update, we will gladly reciprocate links with you.

My banners are shown here, feel free to right click and then "save as" to your system. You should point my banners to

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Sites I am Featured On

Please visit the following sites that have featured me that have featured profiles, articles, or photo galleries of me.

Andy's Muscle Goddesses
Amazon Profiles
FTVideo / Gene X Magazine
Athletic Women Magazine
Awefilms - The female bodybuilder as she wants to be

Online Directory for Female Bodybuilders
FBB Northwest & B.C.
Women's Physique World

Competitors and Friends

The following links are to sites of other competitors and friends I've made throughout my 22 years of bodybuilding.

Migael Schieder
Denise Rathwick, The Shape of 40+
Jennifer Gutierrez
Bend Supplements
Todd Scott
Laurie Larson
lauren laplante
Sally Anne
Sheila Bleck
Trudy Ireland
Heather Policky-Armbrust

Cindy Lee Johnson
Lauren Powers

Michal Kindred

Joanna Thomas

Kathy Connors

Wanda Moore

Tonia Moore

Other Cool Links

Craig Productions