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Client Testimonials

Not only is Gerri a champion in her own right, she knows how to help others attain a championship level physique. Gerri is a national level competitor with over 10 years of competitive experience, 7 of those years on national level stages. She is a top 5 finisher, 2 years running at the NPC USA's and placed top 3 at Master's Nationals. She has worked with several competitors at both the regional and national level, taking them to new heights in their competitive careers. Contact Gerri to discuss your next show.

Denise Rathwick - Masters National Competitor

Denise RathwickI first met Gerri several years ago and recently became reacquainted when I approached her to help with my posing, and routine, in preparation of the 2009 Emerald Cup. During that time she and her husband Dan encouraged me to take my body building to another level.My new goal would-be my first national competition. After the Emerald Cup I hired Dan and Gerri again to help me attain a look that would please the national judges, more specifically I needed bigger legs. My legs improved dramatically from Emerald Cup, to Masters National, since my training with Dan and Gerri. I actually saw and felt the change immediately after our first leg workout. Being a trainer myself, I knew my body had adapted to my training regimen and needed to be shocked into a change. Shocked it was after going through a “bring me to my knees workout” with them. I experienced almost overnight growth and reshaping, which I contribute to the changes they made in my diet, weight training, and cardio program. We're still working on my legs and I am expecting an excited to see their new shape in 2010. Thanks for all your help Dan and Gerri and rekindling my desire to compete!

Tami Weinmann - Gerri's Former Training Partner and a Future Competitor

Tami WeinmannI have known Gerri for about 15 years. We have trained together off and on as training partners throughout the years. As long as I've known Gerri she has been driven in the sport of bodybuilding. I have watched this woman transform her physique as well as her inner strength. She is truly an inspiration to women. I have watched her learn and grow and pass along that strength to the clients she preps for contest. The motivation she passes on to her clients is unbelievable. Her diet and training techniques have transformed many competitors into top placing elite athletes. She is definitely an ambassador to the sport! You'll find Gerri not only onstage competing or guest posing, but also at most of the shows backstage helping with color, oil, or pumping up of aspiring athletes. She truly loves the sport and is willing to help anyone to achieve his or her goals in competing. She prepped my daughter Jessica for her first show as a 16-year-old. It was such an exciting achievement for Jessica. Something she could have never done on her own without Gerri's knowledge and motivation. For me, Gerri is my best friend and training partner. At this point, I am a recreational bodybuilder. However, she has helped me achieve goals physically and emotionally, and yes, she is still pushing me to step on stage at some point in time. Perhaps someday! G-Force is awesome!

Rob Becker - 2nd Place Heavyweight, Emerald Cup 2005

Rob Becker

Gerri Davis is a very special person to me!!! Gerri is everything that's right in the sport of bodybuilding. I am a firefighter by trade and normally its my job to perform a rescue if needed, but with my case i was the one that was rescued by GERRI DAVIS : ). I was training and dieting for the 2005 Emerald Cup when unfotunately, less than two months from the competition I lost my nutritionist at such a critical time. I was told through a good friend to go see Gerri and that if she had the time that she was the one to oversee your diet and training. That was an understatement, she took me in with no notice and dieted and trained me harder than ever before .... i am still feeling that kick ass quad/ham workout from a year ago!!! haha ; ) I placed a respectable 2nd place at the 2005 E-Cup, but its my solid opinion that if i were dieting and training with Gerri from day one i would have one my class no doubt about it!! Aside from all that, its Gerri's friendship and willingness to help ANYONE at anytime is what makes her truly special. I really don't think I've met a nicer person in my lifetime. If you are ever lucky enough to meet her, savior the moment ... she's got killer energy and she makes me wanna pick up a dumbell everytime we talk ; ) Thank You for everything and all your hardwork you put into me and Phoebe, lots of love....

Rob Becker

Leann George - Northern Classic Middleweight and Overall Champion

Leann George

Wow! Gerri is absolutely wonderful. Her abilities are endless. In the months I have been with Gerri I have grown personally & competitively. I have been competing for 5 years and have not met my full potent

ial. I was abandoned by my first trainer for my first competition. I was amazed and grateful at how Gerri was by my side every step of the way. I trust and believe in her and not once did I feel alone in my journey. I felt so privileged to have her in my corner. She focused on who I was and what I needed to achieve my goals. In just months we accomplished things that I have been working on for years. We have just begun. I am looking forward to being a part of her team and representing her while at the same time pursuing my passion and having a blast doing it. Gerri has revived me. Her positive attitude is inspiring and motivating. When you mention Gerri Deach to people in the sport their eyes light up. I love it. There aren't enough words to describe what a beautiful & knowledgeable person she is. I feel lucky to know it and experience it. I wouldn't want it any other way! Gerri you mean the world to me, thank you so much and I am looking forward to my future with Gerri and the G-Force!

Holly Nicholson - NPC Masters/National Level Competitor, 4th Place Light Heavyweight, Master Nationals 2006

Holly Nicholson

I have been working with Gerri Deach now for more than two years, and my contest placings are the proof that she is truly a talented, knowledgeable and highly motivating nutritional consultant and trainer. I have been training and competing for many years, but did not have the pleasure of meeting Gerri face to face until the 2005 Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh PA. She was so kind, fun and helpful to me backstage, and we became fast friends. Gerri helped me to tweak my precontest diet and preparation when I was getting ready for the Sacramento Bodybuilding Championships in 2005, I won my weight class, and the overall, which re-qualified me for national level competition in 2006-2007. I was so pleased with the changes and results that I hired her to help me with my 2006 contest preparation as well. My personal goal was to place in the top 5 at the Masters Nationals, and move into the top 10 at the USA's, and I'm proud to say, I met both of those goals. I thoroughly enjoyed placing 4th , and 9th respectively!! Gerri was the catalyst for all of my improvements. She was there with answers when I had questions, support when my strength and focus were waning, and back-slaps and "atta girls" when I met my goals. What a pleasure it was to work with someone so knowledgeable in the sport. At 46 years old, I believe that Gerri has helped me to get in the best shape of my life, and I feel and look better, leaner, stronger and harder than I ever have before. I look forward to many more years of partnership with Gerri, and would recommend her as a trainer and nutrition consultant to anyone who is serious about improving in the sport, be it figure, fitness or bodybuilding.

Nicole Berg - NPC National Level Competitor, 5th Place LHW, NPC USA's 2005 (First National Level Appearance)

Nicole Berg

I've known Gerri since 2001, the year she won the heavyweight class and Overall at the Emerald Cup (Which qualified her for the National level). That was the first bodybuilding show I attended and I was an instant Gerri Deach fan. I worked out at the same gym as her and her training partner and after I finally got the nerve to approach and congratulate her on her win, I found that she was the most sweet, kind, and humble lady ever! A few months down the road I approached her for some advice and help with contest prep and her eyes lit up like she'd found a diamond in the rough...a new project. I was shocked at how well she took care of me and genuinely cared about me personally, not just as an athlete. I was, and still am, a sponge when she spits out knowlegde and shares new training methods and nutritional advice. Gerri has been here for me since my very first show which was the 2002 Washington State Championships where she helped me win the Novice Heavyweight class and the Novice Overall titles. Gerri has given me the guidance and tools to improve my body over these last couple of years and has transformed me from a "lil' peanut" to what is now a National Level physique. This has been my first National level season and so far I've placed 5th in the Light-Heavyweight class at the 2005 USA and 10th recently at Nationals. Without Gerri by my side, taking all of the thinking out of prep for me, I could never have had such a successful first season in the National ranks. Thank you Gerri for your friendship, compassion, love and never ending support! I love you Big Sis!

Jessica Weinmann - 16 Year Old Teen Competitor

Jessica Weinmann

I've known Gerri for many years and it's been an honor to have her as my trainer. I decided to do my first show in August, 2004. She is a huge inspiration to me and I admire her extremely! When I first started dieting I was a little nervous that I would have a hard time staying on track. From the beginning to end Gerri was there to make sure I was doing everything I was suppose to do right down to the time of every meal. I remember watching her getting ready for her first show and I was amazed of the awesome condition she got herself in. Her skin was perfect and her muscle definition was amazing! I did my first show at the Lewis County Fair grounds and my second show was a weekend later in Tacoma, in both shows I came out with second. I was with out a doubt pleased with myself and Gerri for where she got me. For my first two shows I was sixteen and now for my third show I will be 18. I continue to follow Gerri's lead in everything I do. Gerri you're an amazing woman and thank you so much for everything! I will always look up to you in woman's bodybuilding and just as an amazing person! Love you with all! Keep it up...!

Shawna Charboneau - Masters Figure Competitor

Shawna Charboneau

I have known Gerri now for the past 5 years. I had been working out for about four years before I met her, but never with results. The first time I met her, I knew I had found a friend for life. I don’t think I have ever had a friend that is as honest and true to heart as she is. She truly motivates those around her. The first National I attended was the USA’s to watch her compete. After that I was hooked. She absolutely inspired me. Her dedication, focus and true devotion to a sport she loves is incredible. When I asked her to prep me for my first show, I already knew she would only let me compete with the right look, nothing less. My very first show was quite the accomplishment for me, complete commitment is all I can say. She was there for me every inch of the way. I wanted to compete again that next fall, but as true as she can be, she let me know that I would not be happy with my placing, since my look was not the best. Her dedication to her team is completely awesome! She has her pro goals, but always finds the time to help each one of us, get to ours. Being part of her team is an honor. The group of competitors she has chosen, are focused, motivated and have the best coach anyone could ask for. Thank you Gerri for everything!

Rebecca Warren - NPC Competitor, 1st Place HW, 2004 Contra Costa, 2nd Place LHW, Emerald Cup 2004

Rebecca Warren

Gerri has been an inspiration to me not only as a bodybuilder, but as a person. She is such a positive light that draws people in and creates a warm environment attracting many to want to be around her. It has been such a wonderful experience having Gerri as a trainer. She pushed me past, what I thought were my limitations, to a much higher degree. By the end of dieting for the Emerald's Cup I thought I couldn't go any further. I was worn out and the thought if I do another day of cardio I was going to fade away. But, Gerri with all her wisdom and generosity helped me find the extra "hmph" that I needed to make it to the end. Somehow she finds a way of recharging a person in such a way that they feel they can conquer any obstacle. By show time, I looked the best I ever have and I owe it all to her. Her amazing diet and workout program was the key to getting the look I had for the Emerald Cup and the Contra Costa. Gerri also created a great posing routine for me that fit my personality. She is such a classic poser and to watch her is to just be in "ahh" of her fabulous talent. I feel so very fortunate to know her and to call her a friend. Words cannot describe what Gerri has done for me. I am thankful to say I was one of many whose life she touched and made a lot brighter. Thanks Gerri. You are the best.

Heath Warren - NPC Competitor, 3rd Place Bantamweight, 2004 NPC Nationals

Heath Warren

Well how can I describe GERRI to all the bodybuilders out there. Gerri is one unique person with so many qualities. She can be your friend, trainer, counselor and even someone you can call in the middle of the night when things are not going well with your training or just your day. Training with Gerri was an unbelievable experience. She has taken me under her wings and showed me my potential of being one of the best in my weight class as a Bantamweight. I have come close on getting my Pro Card status last November in Dallas, TX., when there were a one point difference between myself and the class winner, and a tie for second with another competitor. Gerri has made me a Nationally recognized top Bantamweight competitor in the sport of Bodybuilding. I have never looked that good on stage until I trained with the best and most caring person that only wants the best out of you to fullfill your goal. Thank you Gerri, you are my motivator to keep on going no matter what the outcome of the situation. Cause there is always next season..And a light at the end of the tunnel...